House rules in English

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House rules in English

Berichtdoor drentlover » Ma Nov 23, 2009 21:25

All those that love Drentsche Patrijshonden and other pointing dogs are welcome.

The forum is not connected or associated in any way with the Drentsche Patrijshond breeders club and can therefore not be used to fight over disputes concerning the breeders club. Those messages will be removed instantly. Also people who register especially for this reason will be removed.

You can read here a lot and take part in the conversations about the following subjects;

Breed info concerning the Drentsche Patrijshond
Upbringing and behaviour
Place pictures
Etc, etc,

If you want to participate or read at this forum you have to register yourself with a valid email account, if you try to do this with a fake email account access will be denied. You can register yourself by clicking at the button “register” above on the right. After registration you need to wait until your account becomes active. After it becomes active you need to introduce yourself at the topic voorstellen/introduction.

It is only possible to read and post messages after you introduced yourself. You need to introduce yourself within 2 months, if you don’t your account will be removed. Of course it is always possible to register again after your account has been removed.

Members who haven’t looked at the forum for more than six month will be removed in order to keep the forum active.

Respect each other!

Do not mention names of people who are not active on the forum and therefore not able to defend themselves.

It is not allowed to transfer postings from members to thirds (not members or candidate members) without their permission.

Try to place as much as possible the messages in the right categories.

Give the message a clear title.

Postings that contain violent, insulting, racist language are NOT tolerated on our forum!!

While respond to or posting messages do not yell in capital as it is irritating. Watch your spelling and langue, etc, just post a little neat.

Stay at the subject and don’t answer just with “ok nice”. This to keep it all clarified.

Under your messages you can use a caption. This can be a banner or a picture. The sizes we use are maximum 400 x 150. Only use these size otherwise your caption will be removed.

You may use a avatar you made yourself. The only avatars we accept are pictures with .jpg, .gif or png. The maximum size of your avatar that we allow is 30kb.

If someone’s behaviour is bothering you, please contact one of the moderators.

All the advise and suggestions given by the members is meant well but if you doubt always contact your vet!!

It is not allowed to use this forum for personal disputes or fights you have with other people.

Pictures placed on this forum are personal, do not misuse these pictures and ask permission from the owner if you want them yourself. The maximum size of a picture is 640 x 480 in order to make sure people can look at it without needing to scroll.

It is not allowed to place illegal things, like illegal software, links, cracks and serials, etc. Topics about this will be removed immediately!

Be aware that it is possible that children also have a look at the forum, so don’t place animal suffering, links to this or materials of that kind.

It is not allowed to sell dogs at this forum.

People who open topics or write messages which are not according to the intentions of this forum are requested to use the chat box for those messages.
It is not acceptable to "pollute" a topic by going off topic in a way that attracts the attention to the pollutioner in stead of the person who opened the topic.

The Drentsche Patrijs forum is not liable for any recommended software placed on it.

If you do not stick to these forum rules the admins/jr. admins could decide to give you a warning or ban you for a certain period.

The Drentsche Patrijs forum is not liable for any postings done by its members.

The administrator reserves the right to remove accounts that are not used for some time.

The administrator reserves the right to refuse registrations and/or accounts without statement of reason.

If necessary these forum rules can be changed at any time.
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